First-Rate, Affordable Condenser Repair and Troubleshooting

21st Jun 2017 Posted in: Uncategorized
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Is your home AC condenser not working as well as it used to? If so, you may need condenser repair by Irvine Ace Air Conditioning Service. Our licensed, local air conditioning contractors will evaluate your system to diagnosis the problem and offer reasonably solutions.

There are several reasons that condenser units stop working well. Keep reading to learn more about problems that affect residential cooling systems. Some of these issues can easily be troubleshot by homeowners, while other situations will require professional assistance.

The Condenser Isn’t Running

This problem could simply be a situation where there is no power going to the unit. Sometimes breakers trip and need to be turned back on. This is a quick fix that anyone can do by locating the circuit breaker box and checking to see if the switch is off.

Condensers may not turn on if the thermostat is set too high. We recommend that homeowners who suspect this is the issue to lower the setting by 5 degrees. If you lower the thermostat and the condenser still doesn’t turn on within a reasonable amount of time, it’s likely the problem is something else.

Call the pros when the motor or compressor fails. These fixes require specialized tools and in-depth knowledge of air conditioning systems.

Uneven or Inadequate Cooling

In situations like these, people should always check their thermostat to make sure it’s set correctly. Sometimes the evaporator coils may be dirty and need cleaning. Replacing filters regularly can help prevent coils from becoming covered in dust, dander, dirt, and other debris.

Call the pros if you suspect that the distribution system is unbalanced.  Licensed air conditioning contractors can rebalance the system to get your cooling back on track. Your handy AC contractor can also check to make sure your unit is big enough to meet your home’s cooling needs. For optimal cooling and performance, you may need to consider air conditioner replacement with a larger unit.

Unit Doesn’t Cool at All

Often, when this happens, the condenser is either dirty or completely blocked. Cleaning the coils and the coil fins may solve the problem. The coil fins are made from aluminum and can sometimes get bent, which prevents airflow. These fins are easy to bend back into place making it an easy DIY job and to get cool air flowing again.

Because this part of your air conditioning unit is located outside it’s not unusual for grass clippings, weeds, and other natural elements to make their way into the condenser. Check to see if there is any debris present and clear the area. Next, turn the AC on to see if this helped.

Call the pros when you need more refrigerant, or you suspect the compressor is bad. These are not DIY jobs!

Condenser Turns On and Off Repeatedly

If your AC unit’s condenser isn’t working steadily, clean the condenser coils and fins. It’s possible that the condenser is just dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. If this doesn’t work, clean the evaporator coil and check for debris that may be lodged in the unit.

When all else fails . . . Call for local air conditioner repair services in Irvine. Professional repairs and regular air conditioning maintenance extend the longevity of residential HVAC systems. Our top-notch heating and cooling contractors are the best in the industry. Let us help you with condenser repair, AC tune up, air duct cleaning, and all other HVAC repair and replacement today!

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